Dear Liza,

SUPER SEEING YOU a couple of hours ago and Thank You for your brilliant consultancy regarding the 'tyre pressure' issue I described. I got in the MX-5 and in front of my right knee were two buttons, one of which had the Tyre motif displayed; I switched on the electrics, pressed the button and...the warning light on the Tachometer screen went out! I've not driven the car yet, but guess everything OK.

You're f-a-n-t-a-s-t-i-c...please show this email to anyone you wish. All the very best wishes to You and all the Team at Beechwood.


Beechwood Garage provided an excellent friendly and professional service from start to finish thanks to Rob, Tony and Mike and my lovely car was delivered to Southport from Derby by Paul who went through all the paperwork making the whole experience effortless. I would thoroughly recommend Beechwood Motor Group to friends and family and one day I look forward to driving to Derby to thank them personally.

- Ian and Carol

Dear Kerry,

Duncan and I wanted to thank you for the fantastic service, help and advice you gave us during the process of buying our new car.

It was nearly seven years ago that we came to you to buy our first Mazda. You and Keith made us feel like valued customers and we were very excited to receive our new car.

That relationship of trust and feeling valued led us to purchase a second car nearly three years ago.

COVID certainly made the buying process very different from previous experiences. No opportunity to visit the showroom or take a test drive. However that didn't really seem to be necessary. We know the car and when you sent us the digital brochure we could see that we were going to get a car with enhancements that we were happy about.

You were on the end of the phone or email which really helped when we had questions or just weren't sure of things. We appreciated the lengths you went to, to ensure that we were happy with our choice. We would also like to thank you for delivering the car and collecting ours. It made things so much easier.

We are happy to be part of the Beechwood family and would most certainly recommend Mazda to family and friends.

We are already enjoying the car and the added enhancements.

Thanks for all you help.

Gillian & Duncan

Dear Kerry

As you know, Rob Wood sent me an email thanking me for my response to the official Mazda survey and it’s good to know that these comments actually get through! I tried to respond to Rob with some comments which are a bit more personal than a standard survey, but it just bounced back, so perhaps you could pass this on, please?

I don't think too many people really enjoy buying a car - or at least they don't enjoy the financial aspects. There’s always the feeling that “I could get this cheaper somewhere else" (on the internet, no doubt) or “I could get a better deal if I was better at haggling” or "all car dealers will get your money somehow!!"

This is now the third car we have bought from Beechwood and it has been a much better experience than the above suggests. The salespeople I have done business with, Ray, Keith and you, Kerry, plus conversations recently with Richard, have always been courteous and very human, with an appropriate degree of good humour. The information has been clear, based on extensive knowledge and experience, and there has been a feeling that they want to do the best for the customer as well as for the business. As I responded in the survey, you were very helpful this time round and contributed to the pleasure of buying a great car - some of that was about reassurances of continuing support during our ownership, should any circumstances change.

It was the quickest deal I have ever done, from deciding to respond to the offer emails, phoning up, visiting, having a test drive and sealing the deal - helped, of course, by just the right car being there in the showroom. And that included moving from a long-held preference for a manual gearbox to automatic! The proof will, as always, continue to be be in the pudding, but so far it’s all positive. It’s a lovely car.

I should add that reception and service staff have always been similarly courteous and friendly in the past.

I think the shared commitment to a family business has much to do with it - I can contrast that with a recent experience with a dealer which is part of a big group and has a central booking system, online check-in for service work and this inevitably feels very impersonal.

So thanks to all concerned - you in particular, Kerry - and I hope there is something in here that is useful for you.

Best wishes


Afternoon Rob,

As always an efficient and professional experience from Beechwood Mazda Derby no matter what the service. Considering the current climate surrounding Covid19 Beechwood Mazda Derby are making all the required adjustments to ensure everybody’s safety. I would hesitate to recommend them to anybody during these testing times. Thanks gain to everyone involved.


 Good afternoon Rob,

I purchased a car from your company last week and feel I should let you know about the service we received from your team.

We were customers of Barry who was at Jaguar for a number of years, and who managed to entice us across to Mazda!

I have to say Barry did an excellent selling job for your company in getting us to buy a CX-5 from you.

The whole buying process was seamless from Tony efficiently completing the finance and paperwork and Simon (Suzuki) completing the final touches to the handover of the car.

After years of having Mercedes, BMW and Jaguar cars I must say I am delighted with the CX-5 and do not regret moving over to Mazda cars.

Kind regards,



My name is Lawrence, I purchased a used Mazda 3 from your team yesterday and just wanted to give you some feedback on my experience. Basically the whole experience was great from start to finish and all of the staff on shift that day were professional , friendly, funny, polite and easy going ; a credit to your team. In particular Keith, who showed me the car I was interested in was easy going and has a great rapport with the customers. Most importantly to me he was patient, open, knowledgeable and honest. I didn’t feel like there was any pressure to buy and I felt like he went out of his way to help me. I would also like to mention Tony who was professional friendly and very patient with me, taking the time to explain all of the paperwork and guided me through the purchasing process.

Overall this was a great buying experience and I felt like I could buy with confidence from your team.

- Lawrence

"Dear Mr Wood,

I should by rights have written this letter years ago. However, I am writing to say a big thank you for the pleasure it gives me to have dealings with your staff. I was in yesterday waiting for my car sitting in absolute comfort and admiring your wife’s delightful paintings. I am always received with such courtesy and politeness and have been through the years. As for your workers’ honesty, it knows no bounds.

I feel that I need to say thank you and as an old school master I once knew would have said WD, short for “well done” for you obviously, as in a school, you have set a very high standard!"

- Angela

"I would like to say what a great experience I had purchasing my new Mazda CX 5 from Beechwood Derby, and would like to compliment two of your colleagues, Keith Jackson and Kerry Poole. To be honest I was dreading the whole process of buying a new car, I have not done this for 14 years..!!! my last experience with BMW was not that great and within a year I swapped it for a Ford Focus.. speaks volumes. This time was very different, it was of course professional but more importantly, extremely relaxed and friendly thanks to Keith and Kerry. Each process was carefully explained and nothing was too much trouble. I did not feel rushed, and these days there seems to be so much to learn about hi tech cars it can be rather intimidating, but your team were very patient and helped me through every stage. PLEASE pass on my thanks to both for a well deserved “pat on the back”..!! I am thrilled with my new Mazda and it has received many compliments, also rest assured I take every opportunity to promote Beechwood Derby.

- Mo McDade

"We’ve spent a couple of weeks going round car showrooms, and visiting Beechwood was by far the best experience we’ve had. No hiding the end price until you’ve lost the will to live, no endless sales pressure, no adding extras you never asked for. We went to buy a car, and walked out having bought a car, and I’m still in shock how easy it was. On top of that we had a laugh and a joke which made the whole experience really enjoyable. Keith, Kerry and Claire were a total joy to deal with. Selling doesn’t have to be hard and pressurised, and congratulations to this dealership for creating a winning experience."

- Shayne

"Would just like to compliment the service received from all departments concerning my recent visit."

- Stephen

"I have been a customer of Beechwood (Derby) Limited for approx 10 years since becoming an owner of a Saab 95. I was originally introduced to Beechwood by another Saab driver who also still uses your facility.

I appreciate that the service given by Beechwood Derby is a team effort but do strongly believe that where good service is given, then the management should be made aware and I would therefore like to single Chris Bryan out for the outstanding service he gives whenever I have had need of assistance. The car I have has proven to be a very reliable motor so servicing and MOT’s have been the main work needed. However, from time to time I have had some issues requiring maintainance eg vehicle going in to “limp mode” or a leaking pipe etc and without any hesitation Chris has jumped to my assistance advising you are busy but if I can get the car in then he will see what he can do. This happened recently when I had the vehicle booked in for a service and MOT and a few days earlier, due to what I believe to the cold weather snap, I experienced a broken hydraulic pipe on the power steering. I brought the car in where Chris had it immediately checked and we agreed to proceed ordering a new pipe which was fitted and due to a cancellation he also brought my service forward. Unfortunately we couldn’t get the MOT brought forward but Chris did try, to avoid me having to bring the car back. The car did initially fail the MOT but only due to a tyre having a split on the inside so again Chris stepped in, had the tyre replaced and retested at which stage it passed and without any advisories.

I have found Chris to be extremely helpful in explaining things to me in “plain and understandable” terms, offered solutions and then saw through to completion what he had promised. As a customer I could not ask for a better service. On my last visit and whilst waiting for the vehicle retest to be completed I observed Chris at work and clearly saw that whether talking to customers at the counter or on the phone then his manner was exemplary giving all customers the same level of good service that I have received over the past 10 years.

I live in Nottingham and am always asked why I travel to Derby for servicing and MOT’s when I have other garages on my doorstop. The answer is quite simple in that when you find someone who you can trust and work with then it is worth travelling the extra mile to get that good service. I did notice that Chris has a plaque on the reception in recognition of his service but it was dated 2016. I dont think it would go amiss to have another for 2017 and feel sure you agree. The main thing is that I would like to extend my thanks to everyone at Beechwood but also ensure you are aware and that Chris ‘s efforts do not go unrecognised.

Many thanks to all."

- Des

"Thanks for the information, Ray.

Glad you received the card; I think it's important to express appreciation when good service is received and especially such a good deal merited a word of thanks."

- Janet

"Just to say that I am delighted with my new Mazda. I thoroughly enjoyed the drive home and can't wait to try out all the new features. The service you provided throughout the transaction was excellent and yes you can quote me. I wouldn't hesitate to purchase a new Mazda from your branch in the future because of the very professional customer care you gave. "

- Kay

"We have just purchased a Mazda 2 from Beechwood Derby with the help of Keith Jackson.

May we say that the help & advice from Keith were second to none. Not forgetting Claire who made sure we were furnished with a cuppa & a biscuit. We feel they both went the extra mile to make our purchase an enjoyable one.

We will definitely recommend Beechwoods to friends & family.

We are very happy with this lovely car. Great value for money.

Many thanks"

- Yvonne & Mark

"A word of appreciation to you and Keith for the outstanding service I received from you. Friendly, reliable, knowledgeable and truly professional. A credit to Mazda.

The car is lovely and I am enjoying getting to know it.

The card from Keith and the sentiment was really thoughtful and a touch that was unexpected. Again, much appreciated.

Thank you again"

- Helen

"Delighted with the car! Thank you for the care, attention and preparation you gave me and the car!

I am so pleased with the car and impressed by Beechwood Mazda and particularly your own care and attention throughout. Both you and the company will have my unreserved recommendation."

- John

"I brought my car in for a service today, booking three services. In just before 9, all done by nearly 11. Car inspected, serviced, washed and cleaned. Most impressive. As was the desk, wifi, power point and supply of coffee I was given. You have a great team who were a pleasure to deal with - really good. See you in about 6 months. "

- Alex

"I've been informed that BEECHWOOD were voted MAZDA garage of the year 2017.

Absolutely fab, a distinguished award and without question an honour thoroughly earned."

- Mike

"Just had to write to say a quick 'thank you' for the service done on my car.

As always - it was a pleasure to come into your garage and be welcomed so warmly, furthermore it was a pleasant surprise to have the car returned to me not only washed but valeted with a couple of freebies thrown in for good measure! (flask and sweeties).

Hopefully the doughnuts went down well.

With all good wishes"

- Lloyd

"Just for your info, the service provided by your guys has been superb & if I do end up moving away from Mazda it will be with a heavy heart!

Just one more thing. To my shame I’d forgotten the name of the guy on your service desk who over the last 3 years has always provided me with exceptional service – friendly, polite, always phoning as promised to update me on the status of the work being carried out, and remembering my name – even though I’d forgotten his!

Anyway, I had the car in for an MOT today & it’s Chris.

In this day & age I think that people can be quick to complain but they are less quick to make the effort to praise people when a job is being done well, so I’d like to put the record straight.

"I am loving driving the Mazda, just want to be out in it all the time.

I would like to thank you and Kerry for making it an enjoyable purchase."

- Jackie

"Just to let you know, we’re very pleased with the car and you’ll be glad to hear it’s nice to drive – which is a good job as I hadn’t driven one before Saturday!

Once again, thanks for all your help. As I mentioned, we don’t buy new cars too often but the experience of buying through Beechwood has been a hassle free experience and we’ll certainly bear you in mind if we buy another Mazda.

Thanks again."

- Drew & Fiona

"I just wanted to thank you for everything over the last week or so. I've never spent a lot of money on a car before, but you really made the process as enjoyable as it should be. Could you also thank Kerry for her part.

All the best and maybe I'll see you in a few years for a more practical family car."

- Tony

"Mazda's customer care has been second to none. Both Mazda UK and the dealership (Beechwood Derby) have excelled and I wanted to say a big thank you to both, especially Tracy at Mazda UK customer care and John at Beechwood. Thank you so much! Don't get customer care like that these days. John and his team deserve a medal too!"

- Carole

"If I'm honest I'm a bit on the fussy side and I'm not slow to complain when things go wrong so I think it's only right to praise when things go well.

From our first point of contact I was impressed with all the help and assistance you offered, and from the chap that collected and returned the car to whoever did the actual work I would like to say a big thank you to all concerned for a job well done.

You may have made a rod for your own backs however as I will almost certainly be in touch again for annual servicing, the dreaded MOT and pretty much anything else that may crop up in the future